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MASSEY – EQUESTRIAN was founded in 2015 with the intention not only to teach a wide variety of students how to ride and improve all aspects of their Dressage, Showjumping and Cross-Country abilities but also to teach riders of all ages and abilities the Equestrian Art.

“As the Artist must know what he wishes to convey by his completed work and the workman must understand how to best use his tools, so must the Rider have an exact knowledge of his aim and the ways and means to obtain it.

The object of the classical art of riding is to train a horse not only to be brilliant in the movements and exercises of the High School, but also to be quiet, supple, and obedient, and by his smooth movements to make riding a true pleasure. This clearly shows that in every kind of riding we strive for the same objective. Whether it is a dressage horse, a jumper, a hunter or charger, he should always be quiet, supple, and obedient. These qualities are the basis for every kind of riding. Performances of the greatest brilliance can be built up only on this foundation.” (Alois Podhajsky)

Discipline and strength of character on one hand combined with softness, feeling, grace and humility on the other hand will help you forge an understanding of the Equestrian Art, which will take you beyond horse-riding.

Horses are a mirror of yourself – Empaths with the ability to look deep into your soul. To become a true Equestrian you have to learn about yourself – Horse riding will benefit you in all aspects of your life amazingly – it will give you confidence and structure – it will teach you to become a better person.

Be Brave – make Life Spectacular!!


Robert K Massey – BHS Accredited Professional Coach – BHS Register of Instructors – Riding Instructor covering Carinthia, Austria 


Dressage, Showjumping and Cross-Country for all levels.

Robert K Massey – BHS Accredited Professional Coach – BHS Register of Instructors – Riding Instructor 

– BHS Accredited Professional Coach
– UKCC Level 4 Coach
– International Accredited Coach (IGEQ)
– Tuniererfolge bis S, GP Dressur und Eventing(VS)
– DRA Klasse III,II u.I
– Reiter/Instrukteur Mitglied TTT Trust (Training Teachers of Tomorrow)
– ehem. Ponyclub UK Jugend Trainer
– Trainer nach der Klassische Reitkunst

**Instructor/Riding Member of the TTT Trust**


**Member of the British Horse Society – BHS**

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**BHS Register of Instructors**

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**Horse and Rider Training**

**German Scales of Training**

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